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AxWeb - A literate programming tool written in Common Lisp

A new literate programming tool is being worked on and refined, AXWEB. It is written, of course, in Common Lisp. It is hoped that this system can be integrated with Axiom in interesting and novel ways.

This is a BETA release!

Currently, the tool functions as a reasonably complete replacement for Noweb, the standard literate tool used in Axiom. However, certain features which Noweb supports do not yet exist in AXWEB -- in particular the ability to apply filters. This ability will be added to AXWEB, among a whole host of others, but the interface will be Lisp based allowing tight integration with Axiom.

The code is available via the following links, including a pdf version of the programs literate source. These are temporary links to support easy access to the code for the purposes of this initial release. The code has been placed in the Axisp repository, and it is there where the up to date sources will live.

  • The code: axweb.lisp
  • The pamphlet:axweb.lisp.pamphlet
  • The pdf: axweb.pdf

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