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Axiom, as an open source program, makes the complete source code to the program available online. (Note: for those who are not interested in compiling Axiom binaries for different platforms are available at AxiomBinaries?.

Because there is continuous ongoing development, Axiom follows the conventional model of releasing stable "Gold" releases which are intended for the general public to try. These are available as Tar-Gzip archives, CVS checkouts, and ARCH checkouts. (CVS and ARCH are source code management systems.)

Also available are a number of development source archives, which represent ongoing work and may or may not be stable. They are suggested primarily for those interested in doing development work with Axiom. These are referred to as development or "Silver" branches. While there is a "standard" Silver branch, additional branches may be present as individual developers pursue different directions.

BuildAxiom? has instructions on how to build binaries, but bear in mind developments in the Silver branches may invalidate this information.

Stable (Gold)

For a detailed discussion of the Gold branch, see AxiomGoldBranch?.


Mirror1 SourceForge: cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@axiom.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/axiom co -P axiom

Mirror2 Savannah: cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.savannah.nongnu.org:/sources/axiom co -P axiom

GNU arch (a.k.a TLA)

The ARCH archive of Axiom Gold is the actual master Gold archive, although the CVS trees above should contain the same code. A tla archive can be obtained the axiom-developer server via:

      tla my-id "Your Name <your@email-address.com>"
      tla register-archive arch@axiom-developer.org--axiom \
      tla my-default-archive arch@axiom-developer.org--axiom
      tla get axiom--main--1 GoldenAxiom

      # later you would say the following in order to update
      cd GoldenAxiom
      tla update

For more details see [Arch Usage]?.

It seems that the tla arxive is abandoned and produces errors, use cvs instead. - 1.ii.08 BF.

Development (Silver)

For a detailed discussion of the Silver branch, see AxiomSilverBranch?.

Official Silver - GIT

git-clone ssh://git@axiom-developer.org/home/git/silver silver (password: linus)


svn co https://axiom.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/axiom/trunk/axiom silver


At any particular point in time, there are usually individual branches that wind up being the focus of a lot of development attention. The most active ones are listed here. (Note that various branches make use of SVN, GIT, Darcs, Mercurial, and possibly other such systems - consult the documentation of the system in question for information on how to set up the tool.)


  • Short Description: Conversion of Axiom build system to Autoconf machinery, many other improvements.
  • Primary Maintainer: Gabriel Dos Reis
  • Version Control Software: SVN

    svn co https://axiom.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/axiom/branches/build-improvements build-improvements


  • Short Description: Many improvements and fixes - build system, ANSI compatibility, algebra bootstrap, hyperdoc, etc.
  • Primary Maintainer: Waldek Hebisch
  • Version Control Software: SVN

    svn co https://axiom.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/axiom/branches/wh-sandbox wh-sandbox


  • Short Description: Boot -> Lisp, compiler/interpreter improvements, ASDF, etc.
  • Primary Maintainer: Stephen Wilson
  • Version Control Software: Git

    git-clone ssh://git@axiom-developer.org/~swilson/axisp (password: linus)


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