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This page describes how to obtain Axiom sources.

Axiom can be accessed in a stable and unstable form. The stable (or gold) release is fully tested and should just work. The unstable (or silver) release is actually not really a release, but rather the developers edge. It is not expected that the silver distribution runs perfectly or even compiles at all. However, the developers take every effort to keep the silver release reasonably stable. There are also several testing branches, see below.

1   Stable (Gold)

The stable release is avaiblable either via a direct source tarball or via access to CVS or TLA archives. See also BuildAxiom for further instructions of how to build the binaries yourself.

1.1   Tarball

((Links to axiom-December-2005.tgz, axiom-December-2005.tar.bz2, axiom-December-2005.zip))

1.2   CVS

The current Axiom source distribution is available via CVS at:

You should use:

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.savannah.nongnu.org:/sources/axiom co axiom

in order to get the sources to your computer.

1.3   GNU Arch

A tla archive (GNU arch) can be obtained via:

tla my-id "Your Name <your@email-address.com>"
tla register-archive arch@axiom-developer.org--axiom http://www.axiom-developer.org/archive/axiom
tla my-default-archive arch@axiom-developer.org--axiom
tla get axiom--main--1 GoldenAxiom

# later you would say the following in order to update
cd GoldenAxiom
tla update

2   Unstable (Silver)

The silver release is turning into gold approximately every two months. An svn archive (Subversion) can be obtained via:

svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/axiom/trunk SilverAxiom

You find more details at AxiomSilverBranch?.

3   Testing

There are several testing branches available. Some of them are TLA archives and some are SVN branches.

3.1   GNU Arch

The listing from http://arch.axiom-developer.org should be moved here. There appears an identical list also at ArchUsage which should be deleted there.

There are several branches available. Each branch is used to develop a particular idea and get a stable, working version before merging it back to the main line. The currently available branches are:

  • axiom--main--1 the main development branch

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly

    • this branch will be mirrored to the CVS on savannah

      when it is stable and tested.

    • Currently in "step 4":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step4 of development.

  • axiom--BSD--1 port to BSD

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly and Mark Murray <mark at grondar.org>
    • Currently in "step 1":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step1 of development.
  • axiom--MACOSX--1 port to MACOSX

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly and Chuck Miller <cfm at ms.unimelb.edu.au>
    • Currently in "step 1":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step1 of development.
  • book--main--1 axiom book

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly
    • work with community to clean up the book for printing
    • Currently in "step 1":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step1 of development.
  • axiom--solaris--1 port to solaris

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly and Kostas Oikonomou <ko at research.att.com>
    • Currently in "step 1":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step1 of development.
  • axiom--windows--1 port to windows

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly and Mike Thomas <mike.thomas at brisbane.paradigmgeo.com>
    • Currently in "step 1":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step1 of development.
  • axiom--language--1 explore axiom language modifications

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly and Stephen Wilson <wilsons at multiboard.com>
    • Currently in "step 1":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step1 of development.
  • axiom--sbcl--1 port axiom to steel bank common lisp

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly and Tim Daly Jr. <tim at tenkan.org> and

      Nate Daly <nate at tenkan.org>

    • Currently in "step 1":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step1 of development.

  • axiom--zlc--1 add a zero learning curve interface to axiom

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly and Jinzhong Niu <jniu at gc.cuny.edu>

      and Xaiowei Xu <xuxw at yahoo.com>

    • Currently in "step 1":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step1 of development.

  • axiom--algebra--1 prototype algebra code

    • Maintainer: Tim Daly (?)
    • Currently in "step 1":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations?#step1 of development.

3.2   Subversion

You find out about all branches by issuing the following command:

svn list https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/axiom/branches

Currently (01-Aug-2006) there are three branches:

  • build-improvements/
    • Maintainer: Gabriel Dos Reis
    • Description: currently missing :-(
  • daly/
    • Maintainer:
    • Description: currently missing :-(
  • hersen-algebra-improvements/
    • Maintainer: Antoine Hersen
    • Description: Minor improvement, cleaning and hopefully some documentation addition

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